Accelerate your public cloud strategy

It doesn't matter where you are on your cloud journey, one thing is certain, you need an approach to cloud storage that enables seamless management, security and protection of your enterprise data, with access to tools that will help you protect, move and sync data easily, quickly, and securely.

The cloud services portfolio from our partner NetApp delivers exactly this and much more. Their range of powerful, fully managed, cost-effective, and easy-to-use data management solution for your AWS, Azure and Google workloads will simplify your cloud data management.

Simple to use, they leverage NetApp's long track-record in data storage, letting you cut down on your cloud storage footprint and costs by as much as 50-70% with dramatic performance improvements (typically 20x vs. standard public cloud storage) whilst improving availability, enhancing data security and more. (4).png

These services are all fully-managed, meaning that NetApp handles configuring and managing the tools, so you don't have to, simplifying your storage management burden and releasing you from operational issues, leaving you free to focus on innovation and driving your business forward.

This is welcome news for cloud and application architects, developers, line-of business engineers and application and database administrators who want to consume capacity, not administer it.